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Artisan Pizza Making

Le Pain Quotidien's Bleecker St Bakery
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Location Greenwich Village, 65 Bleecker St
Price $105.00 per person
Duration 2 hours
Group Size 8—28 ppl
Note: Group size can be changed after booking if needed. See Details.
Recommended For Team Bonding, For Foodies, Relax and De-stress
No Outside Drinks Permitted
No Outside Drinks Permitted

Event Description: 

Thick or thin crust? You decide! Come learn the best baking techniques as you and your guests create your own personal Artisan Pizza master-pieces. Learn tips and tricks from our Artisan Bakers on the dough, ingredient selection, shaping, and topping. Each individual learns to shape their own individual Pizza from a house-made dough made morning of, and then tops using a variety of Instructor selected toppings. After the masterpieces are complete, return to your reserved seating in our communal dining room to enjoy unlimited House Brewed Iced Tea & Lemonade (included in the class price) while your pizzas are baked off and served.

Event Itinerary: 

  1. We encourage Host & guests to arrive a minimum of 20 minutes prior to the event start to great guests, use restrooms, etc.
  2. Once guests arrive, if the host selects catering and opts for it to be enjoyed before the start of the class, host/guests will enjoy food and beverage for up to 20 minutes and then classroom portion begins.
  3. The lesson ensues and then guests leave the classroom to return to their reserved seating area while pizzas are baked and plated. 
  4. If the group is larger than 20 people, the first group will leave the classroom and return to reserved seating to continue enjoying food and beverage and mingling. A brief class reset will occur before receiving the 2nd group.

What You Will Make / Go Home With: 


  • Shape and top your own individual pizza from a class made dough made morning of by one of our Bakers. 
  • Instructor selected toppings.
  • Each guest will receive one glass of wine or beer and unlimited house iced tea lemonade.

About the Instructor: 

Head Instructor of the education program is a seasoned Pastry Chef & Bread Baker, and Food Educator who teaches most to all of the private events.

How to Book

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Cancellation Policy

Strict: This provider allows for cancellations with a full refund to occur 2 weeks or more in advance of the event. Cancelling within a window of less than 2 weeks will result in an inability to be refunded.

Changes Policy:

Strict: You will be able to make changes to your group size up until 2 weeks before your event as long as you meet the provider minimum. You will also have up until this period to make additional accommodations for the event

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What others have said about this event

Manisha M.
I planned the Artisan Pizza Making class for a company team outing and it did not disappoint! Upon arrival, the venue had seating arranged for us and even included a complimentary cheese plate, which was an added treat. After settling in, our instructor guided us to the kitchen, which she showed us how to properly prep the pizza dough. It was already created in advance, but we didnt mind, as we were really just excited for the experience. After that we added our sauce, toppings, then went back to our seats to socialize while the pizzas baked. Once the pizzas were done (which was pretty quick!), the instructor announced her top pizza winner. This added a fun little competition to the mix. We all enjoyed the setup, structure and venue! We will definitely use CourseHorse again to coordinate future team outings!
Sam E.
Fun class
Jacqueline D.
The Artisan Pizza Making Class was a nice and informative experience. Chef Dawn is very knowledgeable about pizza making, and since the other two participants did not attend the class, I had a private class! I was encouraged to ask questions and the atmosphere was casual and fun. I made a tasty pizza and took home dough, sauce, and instructions for how to make some pizzas at home. I did not expect a dessert pizza as an added bonus! I would recommend this class to anyone who loves pizza and wants to learn the basics.
priya a.
Nahid A.
Yvonne M.
I loved this class. Chef Dawn is a terrific instructor and the other class members were nice.
Kevin L.
Xime T.
Wish we had seen how to do de sauce. The class was basically only focused in the dough. We finished early (about 30 min) so there was enough time for that. Wish there were more people in the class.
We felt a little rushed. Everything was very nice.
Eric D.
Chef Dawn was so knowledgeable and made the class so fun! We lucked out with a private class and she was super personable every step of the way. Would recommend to everyone and we can’t wait to try it again with friends!!
Ruiko A.
Jessica P.
The teacher was great. Very informational, and nice. The pizza dough turned out great! The only complaint was that the experience came with a glass of wine, which was not provided (even though the course description said so).
Joanie V.
I had a great experience. Our director was so well informed. Enjoyed the entire process. Pizza was fantastic. Met great people. Learned so much. I would highly recommend.
Maryam R.
Ada B.
I realised how I was killing pizzas by working the dough too much. Dawn was amazingly good and definite with her instructions. A great evening.
Ruth C.
Chance M.
Jessica C.
Jen M.
The class was excellent! Super informative. We made great pizzas, had a glass of complementary wine or beer and took home supplies to make another pizza at home. Highly recommend!
Manuel L.
It was Exceptional!! Enjoyed it tremendously. The instructor deserves all the credit for making it instructional, fun, personal.
Laura S.
It’s a fun class - with wonderful insights on how to properly manipulate dough - it’s all about making a successful pizza - and you get to indulge! You also receive some ingredients to take home to experiment with as well! Really an enjoyable class - the teacher is highly knowledgeable and makes the class interesting. I would highly recommend! We had a blast.
Barbara A.
Craig H.
Stephanie O.
Debra S.
Our instructor was very knowledgeable and professional. She answered all questions and walked us through this hands on experience. The class was fun and informative.
Alyssa C.
Well organized and informative. Could be a little more fun.
Jonathan D.
Sherry B.
I took this class before and absolutely loved it however this experience was not my favorite. The women seemed to be pretty impatient and a bit rude. Plus there were very limited options on toppings which was a little annoying.
Viola S.
Dawn was a Really professional instructor and the space was very nice.
Very informative class in terms of dough making , also the pizza was not the best pizza I had ...the teacher was not very friendly , or organized, as we didn’t get our recipie in a folder , because she waited for the last minute to print and printer had a problem , so got an e mail with the information, which is good enough I guess
Jen O.
Great class!
Daniel M.
It was great and we recommend it to anyone. As a downside, we felt that the course was a bit scripted and we would have liked a little bit more personalized attention to our dough.
Tiffany E.
Francoise M.
Very nice instructor.
Great class! Very informative! Delicious pizza!
Barbara L.
Karen J.
Learned so much! Chef was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. I had a lot of questions - dough is not an easy thing. OK - tasty and crusty dough is not easy. And we got lunch - our own pizzas. She taught us so well, that my pizza was not only edible, but excellent. Didn’t hurt that we had wine and dessert as part of the course. Can’t recommend this enough!
Christine B.
Rose W.
Had a great time! Learned a lot about dough making and basic baking tips!
The teacher did a great. It was a fun, informative class. We start in the kitchen mixing dough, then make our own personal pizzas. We get to take dough and sauce home with us. We learned a lot about how to make a good pizza.
Sweeti A.
I learned a few things in this class. The pizza tasted great too. The instructor’s style, unfortunately, was more of a rehearsed (albeit entertaining) performance where interruptions weren’t very welcome. This made us feel a bit uncomfortable interacting and asking questions.
maggie R.