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Cartooning & Doodling (Virtual)

CourseHorse Experiences

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Location Zoom Conference, Online Video
Price Starting at $335  (see price details)
Duration 1 hour and 30 minutes
Group Size Up to 250 ppl
Note: Group size can be changed after booking if needed.


In this beginning level cartooning class, your group will learn the basic techniques of cartoon drawing and doodling.

During this 1.5 hour course you will learn how to go from stick figures to actual faces. Learn the basics of drawing, create your own artistic style, get familiar with creating your own cartoon characters. Outcome will be actual fun cartoon faces and characters.  

This course is ideally for beginner students or for folks who want to work on developing their own cartoon character. 

The workshop will start with a quick  demonstration for the group to observe. Each participant will also receive a PDF of materials ahead of time.

Then there will be time for everyone in the group to draw their own cartoons and share out with the group (if they so choose!).  

Materials Needed to Participate Fully:

  • Pen, Pencil & Sketch Pad or Paper

Cancellation Policy:

  • We cannot provide refunds for events where materials have been shipped. 
  • Cancel your event for free if you provide at least a 2-week notice. 
  • Cancellations less than 2 weeks out will result in a fee of 50% of the minimum deposit amount. 

Additional Notes:

  • If you don't know your final headcount, place a hold on your date by booking the minimum group size (10 people). We'll collect the full payment after you finalize headcount.
  • We host events on Zoom and can accommodate other platforms. 
  • We do not permit or provide event recordings. Our events are best enjoyed as live interactions.
  • If you'd like to customize your event, additional fees may apply.  


  • $335 for up to 10 people
  • $20 per person thereafter
  • For customization, there is a $150 charge & we'll connect you with an expert to cater to your groups needs.

Pay the minimum ($335) as a deposit at checkout & we'll finalize your payment when you've finalized your head count!

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How to Book

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  4. On the day of your event, you'll have a blast!


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What others have said about this event

Jessie P.
The team really enjoyed the event last night and liked how it was a unique event we have never had before. It's definitely something I will look to book again in the future.
Sara S.
Theresa C.
barbara l.
Nice class. I would have liked it slower.
Francesca N.
This course is absolutely worth it. In less than 2 hours, Cathy gives you the tools and the inspiration to start cartooning and keep doing it. Useful, engaging, fun!
robert M.
It was amazing better than I could have hoped for.
Tyler R.
The event was great! We enjoyed Cathy’s instruction and I could tell everyone was having a good time. For us we were looking for something off the beaten path to do together and this worked out terrifically.
Enoka D.
Natalie B.
Excellent teacher and materials
Ruby W.
Maxwell M.
Great instructor. Had a really fun time.
Byron G.
Matthew F.
Very helpful and fun.
Robert C.
As a beginner it was not threatening. Cathy made it fun, fast paced, easy to understand and fit a lot in. I was very pleased.
Shailla M.
Clear instructions and quality information for a beginner class. Some useful tips from the teacher.
Sylvia S.
Enjoyed the class very much.
Sonia F.
We had a great time and drew a ton of cartoons!
Carrie B.
The team had a great time! It was honestly so action-packed, I didn't have time to even think about it.
Aiden S.
I really liked it. looking forward to join more.
Jade B.
Great class, engaging and supportive, perfect for beginners
Abigail B.
Zohra D.
Lani B.
This was really fun! We practiced drawing for the full hour and a half, which went by really quickly, and at the end we held up our work to the camera so everyone could see it. The instructor was great and easy to follow.
Liz P.
Ujjwal K.
Good and engaging.
Hannah R.
This class is very beginner and therefore not intimidating in the least.
Mary Jane C.
Great teacher. Very engaging and inclusive. Level was just right - as a complete beginner I was able to follow along and have some techniques to try things on my own.
Vivienne M.
Relaxed, informal and well prepared. Great way for a complete novice to learn how to draw cartoon characters.
Cynthia N.
I loved this class. Highly recommend.
Amoin K.
With zero experience I was able to learn few tricks. Thank you Cathy!
Ryan K.
The instructor was fantastic. I could tell she loves what she does and seems very kind. I would happily take another class from her.
sammiee S.
Toby S.
Toby, my 11yr old son, enjoyed the class. He said he learned some new skills in the later part of the class, though the beginning part was almost too basic.
The teacher was funny and taught us how to draw in a simple way.
Fun class. Covered the basics. Instructor was great!
Jenny S.
There was so much to cover, but instructor guided us step by step. I was able to keep up and surprised myself at my drawings. I highly recommend this course.
candy s.
She was great. Fun class - just what was needed to stop thinking about being locked in for so long! Would take another class with her .
Sinju C.
This wasn’t much useful for me. As it was for bigger.
Caroline H.
Well paced. Friendly. Engaging. Fun. Informative
Lori L.
Kathy Nolan, our instructor, was great. She made us all feel comfortable, she gave great tips, and I really felt as though I thought a lot out of my 1 1/2 hours. I look forward to doing more courses with her And will check out others in CourseHorse. This was my first course and I expect to do more.
Got a good basic course for me. Now have to practice strategies. I recommend it strongly to a little more sophisticated cartoonist Who wants for a further understanding.