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DIY Mixology

Liquid Lab NYC

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Location Flatiron, 79 Madison Ave
Price $128.00 per person
Duration 2 hours
Group Size 8—15 ppl
Note: Group size can be changed after booking if needed. See Details.
Recommended For Team Bonding, For Foodies, Entertaining Clients, Relax and De-stress
Outside Food Permitted

Event Description: 

Come try your hand at crafting cocktails like an expert mixologist. Our unique and specialized private formal classes are perfect for groups as small as 8 and as large as 25 that want to dive head first into a 2-hour cocktail making crash course.

Our classes are fun, informative, and fully interactive and have been very popular with clients such as Google, Mackenzie and Co, Yahoo!, and American Express. This experience is perfect for corporate team building, office outings, birthdays, bachelorette/bridal parties, or simply a night out on the town with friends.

Event Itinerary: 

  1. Guests will arrive to their own ""bar station"" stocked with all the equipment they'll need.
  2. Over 2 hours we'll go through a custom built recipe list step by step as a group, passing and discussing various ingredients as we go.
  3. Everyone will create 4 cocktails and we'll be sipping, drinking, and critiquing along the way.
  4. We'll end with a fun group competition where we challenge participants to create an original cocktail.

What You Will Make / Go Home With: 

Each guest will go home with:

  • A recipe list for the cocktails they made so they can repeat them at home.

About the Venue: 

We can accommodate groups of 15 or less at our office location (Wework Nomad) and then we have a slew of bars and venues around the city with varying room rental rates/catering minimums available upon request; as a mobile company we can also come to a home or office within NYC at no additional fee.

How to Book

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  2. We'll send you your receipt & confirmation details.
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  4. On the day of your event, you'll have a blast!

Cancellation Policy

No Cancellations or Refunds: This provider does not offer a full refund for a cancellation in any case. If you can no longer commit to the event, we will work with the provider to try to secure a portion of your funds back, but in most cases you will not be refunded at all.

Changes Policy:

Flexible: You will be able to make changes to your group size up until 72 hours as long as you meet the provider minimum. You will also have up until this period to make additional accommodations for the event

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What others have said about this event

Maria C.
Rachel C.
Michael B.
Neil B.
Kellie M.
Dylan D.
Really fun activity overall for group of 13 or so of us. This was a team outing between us and a client and everyone had a good time. We learned a little bit about cocktail making equipment, proper guidelines for mixing drinks, and the drinks we made were all very good. Thinking of why I didn't rate it 5/5, I consider the rate to be a bit too high per person. For this rate, I think I'd like to have seen more of the following: 1) more education about the drinks/mixing drinks. We learned some historic and otherwise interesting facts as we mixed the 4 different cocktails, but there were just a few factoids sprinkled in. 2) Some kind of snacks at this rate or for a little more $ include food? 3) a takeaway of some kind. We had the idea in the middle to take a photo -- in my opinion that's a no-cost way to help make the event memorable but I'm sure you could do that + more. 4) Length was a bit short. I would have liked the chance to stick around and make 1-2 more cocktails, for instance
Carolina P.
rose j.
Sydney A.
Prachee S.
Class was great and had great instructors. They teach how to make drinks easily and they have real liquor (a lot of other places uses colored water). Would recommend this and would take it again. You get 5 drinks (4 you make and one you create). With that and the snacks, it’s the same price as going to a bar and here, you get to learn how to make drinks too.
David G.
This class was really fun. We learned how to make 4 different types of cocktails (and received the recipe for 5-6 others) and got to practice the process of muddling and shaking. The recipes were unique and mostly delicious --- this is not just mixing gin and tonics. At the end we each got to create our own custom cocktails from scratch using a wide variety of ingredients left out for us and the instructors scored us on our presentation, flavor, and cocktail name. The instructors were engaging, interesting, and friendly so don't worry if you have never mixed a drink in your life. Only recommendation is to make sure you eat before the class so you aren't drinking on an empty stomach!
Fun course with many tasty cocktails!
Seth C.
Real friendly bunch. Both instructive and a nice afternoon buzz.
Gabrielle N.
Amazing experience all around. No complaints whatsoever.
Tamara R.
The class was so much fun! Staff was super knowledgeable and friendly. Loved the recipes we tried out and really enjoyed the competition at the end! Great food during the intermission, too!
Linda N.
Grant H.
Maria and Dan were great!
Emma P.
Sandy J.
Margaret C.
What a great time! At first I was a smidge skeptical cause we were a little late, but the first ones there but it was awesome! The guys were great and the drinks were better.
Lindsay M.
Justin B.
The instructors were very knowledgeable and we had so much fun. This was a great experience!
shruti r.
Great instructor
Beth H.
Very fun!
This Mixology course was fantastic. This is a great intro course for those interested in learning more about making cocktails. The drinks were varied but all delicious, the hosts friendly and informative, and the location convenient and swanky. I went with my partner, but I'll be looking into this next year as a mother's day gift.
Shannon O.
Jamie Z.
Sorrel P.
Awesome class! Well run by super knowledgeable staff. I can’t wait to do it again. So much fun!
Jennifer B.
I wanted to give it a 5 but I must’ve hit the wrong star. What an awesome class and experience. I loved everything about it. The staff was friendly, funny, engaging and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this class. I will be setting one up with a bunch of friends soon. I cannot wait to do it again. Cheers!!
Great class! Especially when everyone warms up after cocktail one. We had a blast!
Tyson T.
Victoria C.
Great class. Snacks during break could of been presented nicer and of better quality. Drinks were great. Instructors fun and engaging.
Brian B.
Benjamin M.
Jose A.
Brian A.
Went with two friends had a great time! Lots of drinks and "tastes" along the way. I would tell friends to do this as a group in the future.