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Homemade Pizza Class

Atelier Sucré

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Location Lower East Side, 104 East 7th Street
Price $90.00 per person 
Duration 2 hours and 30 minutes
Group Size 6—15 ppl
Note: Group size can be changed after booking if needed. See Details.
Recommended For For Foodies, Relax and De-stress
Meal Included
BYOB Friendly

Event Description: 

Join us for a lovely cooking lesson! Come and have fun with our homemade pizza experience. Each student will be making some delicious Savory Pizza and learn the art of Italian pizza making!

Event Itinerary: 

  1. Once everyone arrives, the host will welcome them with an introduction and a fun ice breaker before going over event schedule and offer soft drinks and snacks
  2. Next, the group will be divided into teams to watch a series of demonstrations from the pros.
  3. Each team will then be equipped with sweet pantry ingredients and the hands-on work will start.
  4. Finally, everyone will enjoy their meal!

What You Will Make / Go Home With: 


  • Italian Style Savory Pizzas

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Cancellation Policy

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Changes Policy:

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