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Sketching at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Maria Katzman Art

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Location Upper East Side, 1000 5th Ave
Price $45.00 per person
Duration 2 hours
Group Size 6—20 ppl
Note: Group size can be changed after booking if needed. See Details.
Recommended For Team Bonding, Relax and De-stress, For Creatives

Event Description: 

You are invited to explore the vast collections at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with a professional artist and teacher. Learn new ways to express your creativity in this intimate lesson and have fun at the same time. You'll get to visit the American Wing, the European Sculpture room, and view inspirational Post-Impressionist paintings, or whatever appeals to your senses. This workshop will provide drawing instruction focusing on the basics and is perfect for team building or art enthusiast.

Event Itinerary: 

  1. We will walk and look around at the paintings and sculpture and discuss the art work. 
  2. Participants will receive a drawing lesson and demonstration before they start to draw. A sketchbook and drawing pencil will be provided for them. 
  3. Participants will be introduced to a variety of drawing techniques and new skills and have plenty of time to practice. The beautiful and calm setting of the Met American wing and European Sculpture Room is a delight to experience!
  4. We will have a chance to look and discuss the drawings and the overall experience. Participants will also have a chance to continue looking on their own at the art collection.

What You Will Make / Go Home With: 

  • At least 2 drawings they drew.
  • A sketch-book and drawing pencil.
  • Having learned new skills like how to hold the sketchbook, how to use the ""basic unit"" and how to perform ""sighting"" while sketching. 
  • New skills, tips, and tricks and the confidence to begin creating anything they like.

Other Notes:

  • Admission to the Museum is NOT included in the price of the ticket. Before the event, you will have the opportunity to purchase a ticket.
  • If you are a New York State resident, the amount you pay for entrance is up to you.
  • For non-NY residents, general admission is $25 and admission for seniors (65+) is $17

About the Instructor: 

"Maria is a lovely person and a very gifted teacher and artist. She taught me new drawing techniques that I will now use when I am sketching. Maria was very patient with me and I really appreciated it. It was also evident that she clearly knows her art history, giving me a personalized tour of certain exhibits at the Met where she shared some interesting information, I didn't know about some pieces in the collection there. I would highly recommend Maria and this experience to anyone interested in art and drawing". - This is a customer review.

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What others have said about this event

Melody Zhang
Throughout my life, art has been one of the greatest things that I could ever wish for. And although many have talent, there's always some room for improvment. I feel like taking this class really helped with anatomy and just technique, and I now realize how much this class helped me to improve. From sketching models to having a really great time, I really think that this class is one of the greatest you can find in New York City.