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Private Mixology Workshop (Materials Included)

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Location Zoom Conference, Online Video
Price $115.00 per person  (see price details)
Duration 1 hour and 30 minutes
Group Size Up to 500 ppl
Note: Group size can be changed after booking if needed.


Become the master of your own home bar with a private cocktail making class for your friends, family, or colleagues! 

You will learn a bit of mixology history, bar tools (and substitutions!) and key skills, then move on to how to master craft cocktails: an old fashioned, mint julep, ginger lime margarita.

This will include:

  • A private, interactive workshop led by a professional mixologist and instructor
  • All ingredients shipped to each participant, including:  artisanal simple syrups and bitters, garnishes, a hawthorne strainer, cocktail pick, jigger & a $ gift card for your participants to buy the spirit brands and fruit of their choice.

Additional Tools Required:

  • Cocktail shaker, jar with lid or two glasses of different sizes
  • Spoon, Knife and Glassware
  • Ice

Shipping Deadlines & Terms:

  • Addresses must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the event start. They must be received by 9am ET. For example, if your event is on the 17th of the month, addresses must be received by on the 3rd of the month by 9am ET.  
  • Any address submitted after the deadline will incur a fee based on the delivery speed needed and location of recipient. You can see a list of fees here:
  • Any shipment containing wine or alcohol must be signed for by recipient. 

Cancellation Policy:

  • We cannot provide refunds for events where materials have been shipped. 
  • Cancel your event for free if you provide at least a 2-week notice. 
  • Cancellations less than 2 weeks out will result in a fee of 50% of the minimum deposit amount. 

Additional Notes:

  • If you don't know your final headcount, place a hold on your date by booking the minimum group size (10 people). We'll collect the full payment after you finalize headcount.
  • We host events on Zoom and can accommodate other platforms. 
  • We do not permit or provide event recordings. Our events are best enjoyed as live interactions.
  • If you'd like to customize your event, additional fees may apply.  


  • $115 per person (minimum of $1,150)
  • If you don't know your group size, select the minimum group size (10) to pay the minimum deposit and secure your date. We'll finalize your payment when you've finalized your headcount.

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What others have said about this event

Gail M.
Everyone loved the Virtual Mixology course! Erin was a great hostess and everyone learned a little something about the cocktails that we made. Thanks again for putting together such a fabulous event. I highly recommend your company and will definitely be in touch in the next few months.
Scott Y.
Our team certainly had a wonderful time at our mixology event. A great mix of drink making tips, history, jokes, and of course cocktails. Our cocktail coach was wonderful and made us all feel happy and involved... plus gave the team enough time to joke around with each other as well. Really happy with the overall process and ease to make this happen. I will for sure recommend this to others.
karen s.
It was great!- Thank you!
Kristen F.
The event was great. The host was amazing and everyone had a great time. Thank you!
Natalie R.
Thanks so much, it was a great class and Erin was fantastic! I got so many messages about how great her energy was.
Erin C.
Erin was a great teacher and we had a lot of fun!! We weren't sure what to expect, but it turned out to be a fabulous evening.
Marcus J.
It was great
Moses R.
Michelle R.
We had a fun time, enjoyed all three drinks we made, and are excited to make the egg nog recipe that was an added bonus! It was a fun date night with our friends across the states.
Athena S.
I loved this class! Erin was very knowledgeable. She explained a little history behind each drink, showed us how to make the drinks, answered our questions and sent us a follow up email with all the recipes (with a bonus drink recipe too). The drinks were all delicious. I highly recommend this class whether your a beginner (like me) or have been mixing drinks a long time. It was a fun way to spend a Saturday night.
Merle K.
Host / Instructor was phenomenal. Created a fun atmosphere along with demonstrating and sharing her knowledge with the class.
Valerie L.
Erin was fabulous and I cannot wait to take another class with her!
Mackenzie T.
It was great! Erin was fabulous and answered all of our (sometimes very 101 questions). We loved the history she gave and she did a really good job handling us all being in one room, even when it was hard to hear at times. The drinks were amazing and people who don't normally drink cocktails were really surprised how much they liked them.
Diogo F.
Amy M.
Erin was fantastic! We really enjoyed our class. She was knowledgeable, funny and kind.
Jill g.
Class could have been a bit more interactive
Katherine H.
This was a fantastic class! Super fun and interactive, even though it had to be virtual. And now we've got a great base of mixology knowledge :)
What a wonderful class! Fun, great pace, and excellent information. The Whiskey Sour recipe alone made it worth it. Looking forward to taking her 201 course.
Janice Y.
Tamisha P.
Phoebe B.
Mark N.
Nina L.
Fun and informative! Great class.
Holly W.
Erin is a fun and knowledgeable instructor! The course is great. Highly recommend!
Jillian G.
My husband and I took Erin’s class and had a really great time! Erin was fun and informative, able to answer any question, and was engaging with all the attendees. I have some experience bar tending, my husband has none, and we both were able to follow along with Erin. This was a really fun remote date night for us, the drinks were delicious, and we would love to take another class from Erin in the future!
Donnie N.
Erin was fun and informative. My wife and I enjoyed a perfect date night of making cocktails together and learning these classic recipes with Erin's twist. My wife and I agree that her Old Fashioned is much better than anything we've been getting in many bars, even those that bill themselves as bourbon bars. Even better, Erin's instructions and helpful cocktail cards have allowed us to consistently replicate her great drinks. I would highly recommend that anyone who would like to expand their bar or hosting game take Erin's class. With what I learned, I feel like I'm cameoing with Tom Cruise in Cocktail every time I pick up my shaker now.
Kevin S.
George K.
Erin is top class. I needed this class for those inside tips and tricks that top bartenders use to elevate my cocktails to greatness. I could never watch enough videos, read recipes or talk to bartenders to get there. Erin showed us the way. The class was engaging and Erin has great energy along with all that knowledge.
Elizabeth H.
I am a novice (to say the least!!) at “Mixology” which is why it was so apropos for me to take this class with Erin. Her class was simply stated, wonderful!! I had all the tools required, as well as the other ingredients recommended by the course instructors, so I awaited Erin’s program, with an healthy anticipation. We “met” online, first, with introductions, and then, off we went!! The lesson was fantastic!! I enjoyed the conversational approach Erin used in instructing us in the best ways of mixology, and, especially, in fashioning the finished products; an Old Fashion, a Whiskey Sour, and a Margarita...all well crafted (by me!!) and delicious!! I very much enjoyed Erin’s lesson, and, I can’t wait to her next courses!! A great way to enjoy “Mixology”!!
Philip M.
Caroline R.
Elizabeth H.
Erin made this class so informative and fun!!! Please do another one!!!!
Scott W.
Amazingly fun way make and drink some classic cocktails. Erin shares very essential drink making tips, tricks, and even history.
Elaine C.
Amberlynn C.
Erin was AMAZING! I accidentally signed up for a different class so I didn’t have all the ingredients and she made me feel so comfortable and helped me wing it and use what I did have :) So knowledgeable and friendly!
Amberlynn C.