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Private Virtual Trivia

CourseHorse Experiences

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Location Zoom Conference, Online Video
Price $360 total  (see price details)
Duration 1 hour
Group Size Up to 200 ppl
Note: Group size can be changed after booking if needed.


Sign up for a private CourseHorse' team trivia game!

Test your knowledge across a wide range of topics including music, movies, pop culture, history, sports, frozen foods, dog breeds, Seinfeld characters, ice cream flavors and many other surprises...

This trivia happens over a Zoom Video and usually takes about ~1hr. A wide range of companies have trusted us with their team events (including Peloton, LinkedIn, Ernst & Young, Conde Nast, Teachable, as well as a variety of law firms, nonprofits) so we try to keep the questions diverse in terms of topics and era so that everyone feels like they can participate in answering.

Your Group Will:

  • Test their trivia knowledge both in cooperation with and against each other
  • Laugh a lot along with our host
  • Feel challenged, but not hopeless
  • Vie for the crown of best-at-company trivia nerds... err.. team.

How It Works:

  • Each game will be built customized for your group in case you have any preferences for topics or difficulty
  • Games are typically 1hr but can be modified based on preference
  • It will be moderated by a Quiz Master who will help facilitate the game and make it interactive and fun
  • Groups will be split up into teams and we will use Zoom's Breakout rooms to try to mimic "Bar Trivia" where participants will get to collaborate face-to-face over video.

For Large Groups:

Trivia is a perfect choice for large groups. Generally speaking, we'll split you up into teams and there is no group too large. However, if you don't want everyone in the same group for any reason we can split the group into multiple different events, either simultaneously with different hosts, or at different times with the same host.

Additional Event Services:

  • Customize the trivia rounds for an additional $150. Want questions about your team? Some obscure city in Europe you guys once went to together? Indicate you'd like to customize your game on the booking page by checking the box and we will follow-up to connect you to the host and collect payment.
  • Get a Demo: Not convinced? Book a 20 minute demo of this event for $100 before committing to it for your group.

Cancellation Policy:

  • We cannot provide refunds for events where materials have been shipped. 
  • Cancellations less than 72 hours out will result in a fee of 50% of the minimum deposit amount. 

Who is this for?

We have done private trivias for a wide-range of groups including birthday parties, family gatherings, client events, and corporate team building. But can be great for just about any group that is interested in a trivia challenge!

What people have said:

" The private virtual trivia we had last Thursday was phenomenal – it was a big hit and I received a lot of positive feedback.  I really was pleasantly surprised at how much variety our hosts provided in terms of questions and types of questions themselves.  The senior leadership for my group was very happy with the trivia for it was a great deal of fun and an excellent way for us to all bond...Thanks again for a splendid time!" - Ernst & Young

"Just wanted to send over a big THANK YOU for trivia last night! Everyone had so much fun and it was so nice to have you professionals make it seamless for us." - Brooklinen

"The event was great and was well received by my teams" - Peloton

"Our team loved it" - McKinsey & Co.


  • $360 for up to 15 people
  • $10 per person thereafter
  • For customization, there is a $150 charge & we'll connect you with an expert to cater to your groups needs.

Pay the minimum ($360) as a deposit at checkout & we'll finalize your payment when you've finalized your head count!

Are you booking multiple events or do you have a very large group? Contact us for special pricing.

How to Book

  1. Complete your booking by walking through our simple checkout process.
  2. We'll send you your receipt & confirmation details.
  3. Your event provider will reach out to introduce themselves & send you additional helpful details about your event.
  4. On the day of your event, you'll have a blast!


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What others have said about this event

Dan G.
We had a blast. Thank you for the great service.
Tonya J.
Thanks so much, your team is AMAZING!! Thanks for making my life so easy and Rona is SPECTACULAR! A true GEM! I sent Rona my list of things I would improve for future events but I would definitely use Coursehorse again.
Gina L.
Our group had an amazing time with Trivia. Our host, Niklaus, was super fun and energetic and really help set the “mood” for the event. He was engaging and really made us all at ease. The group had a really good time and everyone was joking around – it was obvious that we all enjoyed the event and it was fun to see how wrong/right our answers were. Overall, I would totally recommend it to other groups within my organization and would love to do it again.
Jeff S.
We had a great experience. Everyone loved Christiana and she did a great job being entertaining and patient and knowing when to move us all along. We'd highly recommend her and Coursehorse.
Leslie D.
Thank you – that was really fun!! Our team enjoyed the “friendly” competition! :)
Tracy M.
Everything went great, as always! Thank you!
Sophie F.
It was really great! Our team had a wonderful time.
Lauren P.
Thanks very much for your help with this, the group had a great time!
Benjamin B.
We had an absolute blast, thank you so much for hosting!!!
Andrew G.
We had a great time, thanks!
Melissa M.
We loved it! It was a huge success and are thinking of doing this once a quarter.
Arvida J.
The team had a great time, such a good time we stayed talking for another half hour. Will definitely reach out for future events. Thank you all!
Belinda S.
It was awesome and we all had so much fun! Alex was so good, so patient, so amazing! We will do this again and we will recommend Coursehorse to others! Thank you so very much for everything!
Marcie P.
It was great...Jason was a fantastic host.
Lieren L.
Trivia was great! We had a great time and Andrew was super fun. You guys always do a great job, and I am always recommending you to other co-workers!
Diana T.
Everything went well! Our host was hilarious. As sometimes these calls can be awkward, I believe he was pretty awesome with keeping the flow of the game going as well as making the experience enjoyable.
Stephanie J.
Our experience was great and our host was funny and fun! He did a great job!!
Deb J.
We really enjoyed the Trivia. Our group knows each other well and Stewart handled all the joking and gibes very well. We had a great time after 2 days of meetings and it was a really strong wrap-up for us. The questions were diverse enough to allow everyone to contribute to the teams.
Jackie A.
I, personally, LOVED the Trivia Night. I have only heard from a few others, but everything I’ve heard has been positive. I think there was a good mix of questions and some were VERY hard. This provided us with a good opportunity for our associates to mix with associates with whom they don’t normally get the chance. All in all, it was a lovely, easy experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to use CourseHorse again!
Tara T.
The Private Virtual Trivia event was incredible! Everyone who participated had a really wonderful time. James was very engaging, flexible, and fun! I particularly loved his jovial spirit and that he had background music playing on the Zoom while we waited for everyone to trickle in.
Ian P.
The event went great thanks so much...high-level everyone had a great time and actually, one team member called me today to ask about the name of the vendor as he wants to use for another event.
Thanks for the fantastic event yesterday, our host Ricky did a great job!
Meeting was excellent. It was my first participation in a virtual trivia like that and the host was very helpful/friendly and made it a great experience. Thumbs up!
Jenny M.
We had a great time. Zach was a great host!
Aria W.
Our attendees continue to enjoy the CourseHorse trivia events! We certainly plan on continuing with these types of virtual socials in the coming months.
Katy Y.
Our Trivia night was so much fun. Excellent feedback from everyone. We had a blast. And was exactly how I imagined it to be.
Kirsten M.
All was great! We had a really fun time and the questions were great. I think we all loved the music round.
Kirysa K.
Everyone had a good time – thank you. Our host was clear with instruction and entertaining. We all got a laugh at his “shock” when everyone’s scores were SO LOW for the music round!
Kim P.
We had a great time with the Trivia. It was really well executed and the questions were a great fit for our international team. We really enjoyed it. I don’t have much more to say other than I will recommend your service to other colleagues, with so many great options for activities. Thanks again, and I’m sure we’ll use you in the future.
Nhan T.
We will definitely look into coursehorse for our future events. Our team had a great event, and wanted to give a special shoutout to our host Leo. He did a fantastic job hosting our event and making the event fun and engaging for our group. In general we really enjoyed how the trivia game was structured and enabled all levels of experience to engage, especially virtually. On top of it this was all seamless to set up which personally I really appreciated. All I really did was make the purchase online and then received a zoomlink and that was it
Nancy Y.
Everyone truly enjoyed themselves! Leo was so accommodating, and a perfect host. We did, however, encounter a few technical difficulties. Leo worked through them and we were fine. I suggested using the Teams app since that’s what we’ve been using at Legend. Zoom was the app CH wanted to use. Perhaps if we used what you were accustomed to, we would have had less issues.
Bryan D.
The event went very well- Ricky was a great host and gave excellent questions. We had smaller attendance than expected, but the breakout room system worked well and everyone had a great time. Very positive reviews from other attendees.
Tara H.
We all had a great time! Leo was the perfect host!!
Judy B.
it was great…the host was great and he put up with a lot of interruptions from my needy friends….Everyone had a great time!
Elizabeth H.
Everything went great (again) and we really appreciate all that you guys do!
Tara R.
We had a great time last night! Stewart was a great host and made it really fun for the group. I heard back from a few participants who said they had fun and asked if we could do more in the future.
Britt b.
It was great!
Danielle D.
The trivia was great. Really enjoyed your format. Thanks!
Kristin W.
It was great, Jill did a terrific job. I would definitely recommend this to others or plan another event!
Lea N.
My group really enjoyed the Private Virtual Trivia you hosted for us. We will definitely be using your services again and I have already recommended your company to some other admins here in the company and will continue to refer your services. Thank you again for a very successful and fun evening of trivia. It really made our team virtual event a hit with all!
Robert V.
We had a great time and the feedback from my team was tremendous. Nick was a fun host! Thanks again!
Nathan G.
It went great. Leo did a great job. Thank you
Christy M.
Thanks for reaching out, we had a great time! Katherine did a great job as our host, and made it very fun and interactive!
Linda B.
It was AWESOME!!! We will definitely use your services again. Thanks so much! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Trish B.
The event was great. It was fun with a variety of questions and just the right amount of time! Thank you
Mark M.
The night was fun and well organized. I think everyone enjoyed very much. Elise did a great job. We will certainly keep you in mind for another event in the future.
India C.
It was amazing! Everyone enjoyed it. Thank you so much!!
Daniel O.
Worked out very well and the team had a great time. Thank you for hosting us!
Loree D.
Our expectations were far exceeded and everyone had a great time. Thank you and our facilitator, Jill, for making it work!!
Anne V.
Our group had a great time and really enjoyed the experience!!