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Private Virtual Wine Workshop

CourseHorse Experiences

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Location Zoom Conference, Online Video
Price Starting at $400.00  (see price details)
Duration 1 hour and 30 minutes
Group Size Up to 500 ppl
Note: Group size can be changed after booking if needed.


In this private wine tasting workshop, we'll cover wine basics such as varietal, tasting techniques, region/history, everyday-practical wine appreciation tips etc. 

No experience of familiarity of wine is required. Participants will have the option to taste along with the instructor, get and give live feedback and ask any questions!

Materials Required to Participate

(Get materials shipped to participants with our all-inclusive wine workshop.)

  • Prosecco, Italy: (Recommended: Mionetto Prosecco Brut or equivalent)
  • Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand: Recommended: Nautilus Sauvignon Blanc or equivalent)
  • Rosé, Spain: (Recommendation: Bosao Rosé or equivalent)
  • Pinot Noir, California: (Recommendation: Cline Sonoma Pinot Noir or equivalent)

Note: If you can not / do not want to purchase these wines, you are welcome to bring any wine you have and there will still be plenty to learn!

Cancellation Policy:

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  • $400 for up to 10 people (includes cost of host/instructor. If you'd like us to provide materials, book here
  • $20 per person thereafter
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    What others have said about this event

    Deborah L.
    pros: the information was interesting and presented pretty well cons: went an hour over because of too much small talk suggestion: include graphics with the information (such as how the wine is made, characteristics of different regions) to speed up information distribution, aid retention, and prevent redundant questions
    Gary H.
    Elizabeth W.
    Karen G.
    We had a great time!!
    Christi is an awesome instructor. She made wine tasting fun and accessible. Highly recommend. Especially fun for groups.
    Byron C.
    I learned way more than I expected. And I have a new appreciation for wine.
    Celeste G.
    She made the event very informative yet easy to follow. I would definitely recommend it to others.
    Christi is an outstanding instructor! She makes wine tasting approachable and manages the virtual setting of the class extremely well. Highly recommend! Especially with distanced groups - friends and families around the country.
    Brittany H.
    It was a great class. Informative and fun!
    Kris G.
    We had a great time and learned a lot!!
    Melissa O.
    Lisa O.
    We did this wine tasting as a 60 th birthday for my college roommate and had an amazing time! We’re not big wine drinkers but learned a lot, our instructor was very knowledgeable. We would do again. Lisa and gang
    Tawana L.
    Nothing but laughs and lots of fun to kick off our holiday season during a very challenging time. Thanks for making this a success!
    Pranav S.
    The event was wonderful. Thanks for coordinating and Christi was an amazing host!
    Judy H.
    Wed had a great time at the Virtual Wine Workshop!
    Nicole C.
    The event was great and Christi was amazing! Virtual events can be hard but Christi did a great job of getting our employees to interact with each other. We would definitely be interested in hosting another wine tasting in the future!
    Mark B.
    We loved Christi! She was responsive, knowledgeable, and was a great facilitator. We would recommend these and will likely be attending another course.
    David J.
    Patrick K.
    Michael F.
    Really fun and would highly recommend. The Zoom format was great for a group, especially if you're spread out and don't see each other often. Would even take it again. Would no doubt learn something new every time. Really like the informal way Christi handles the class, especially welcoming questions. One suggestion would be to include the recommended food pairings in the PowerPoint presentation for later reference. Otherwise, great job Christi!
    Igor T.
    A great 101 class! Learned a lot of tips and tricks that will be helpful to tasting and choosing wine going forward!
    Host was amazing, she is both friendly and informative. Can't wait to learn more from Christi.
    Skye A.
    Kris G.
    We had a great time and learned a lot! Only suggestion would be to keep track of time and space out the tastings so you have equal time to taste and discuss.
    Cheryl B.
    The class was truly great. Lots of great information and great tasting guidance. I highly recommend it
    Beth G.
    We loved it. Christie did a great job. Lots of info and fun!! Thanks! Looking to do again with a group.
    Genevieve V.
    Very fun, informative and interactive! Can’t wait to do another one!
    Marnie Z.
    Chuck A.
    John and Nina C.
    Christi was well prepared and made the class a lot of fun! Will definitely take one of her classes again!
    Marva A.
    Julian M.
    Great, better than expected, super fun and very informative. Christi is very knowledgeable and kept everyone engaged. We had great 2.5 hours learning and drinking wine. Loved it!!!!
    Jigna J.
    Excellent, highly knowledgeable instructor!!
    Apryl G.
    Denise C.
    We loved the class! Kristi was great! Only downside for us was that the class ran overtime. We would have loved to stay on, but we had a birthday event we had to attend. Hated to leave and didn't get to taste the rest of the wines with everyone. Next time I will be sure to leave some "buffer" time in my schedule:) Kristi was wonderful to invite us to contact her after the class with any questions about anything we would miss. We would definitely recommend this class to others!!
    We really enjoyed the class. The instructor was very knowledgeable and thorough and we learned some new things.
    Wendy C.
    Christi was a terrific instructor. She made the evening fun, casual and participatory. We learned a lot about wine tasting and pairing, while trying some very delicious and affordable wines.
    Casey K.
    I did not attend, my friends invited someone else since I was busy