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Sculpting Ourselves

Makers Circle

Williamsburg, 622 Broadway
$50.00 per person
2 hours and 30 minutes
15—25 ppl
Also available at your home or office

Event Description: 

Through the creation of self portrait sculpture in clay participants will be trained in the art of self observation. During this exercise, participants are invited to use physical exploration as an invitation to actively reflect on personal traits that define them. Questions such as how do we see ourselves vs how do others see us will be key to this process, sparking a dialog and providing a more nuanced view of ourselves as well as our role within the team.

Event Itinerary: 

  1. Once everyone has arrived and found a working station, the instructor will give a brief presentation bout self portraiture.
  2. The instructor will then guide the audience through a few basic exercises to familiarize participants with clay.
  3. Participants will have a break while stations are re-set.
  4. Participants will receive fresh pieces of clay, and then be guided to complete their self portrait by focusing on certain areas/features in timed intervals.
  5. The last part of the workshop involves pairing with a partner to help assess/ and add final touches on their self portraits.
  6. Sculptures are made with air dry clay and may be bagged up for participants to take home.

What You Will Make / Go Home With: 

Each guest will go home with:

  • Small self-portraits in clay which they created.

About the Instructor: 

Our team's experience in the world of art and design has provided us with first hand knowledge of the value of many creative practices and techniques. For over six years, Makers Circle has been sharing these insights with professional teams through curated creative experiences.

About the Venue: 

We work out of Chameleon Club studio, a functional artist's studio that also hosts a variety of unique creative workshops.

How to Book

After selecting your approximate group size and date, you’ll be able to let us know about any accommodations you need before completing your payment.

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Cancellation Policy

No Cancellations or Refunds: This provider does not offer a full refund for a cancellation in any case. If you can no longer commit to the event, we will work with the provider to try to secure a portion of your funds back, but in most cases you will not be refunded at all.

Changes Policy:

Strict: You will be able to make changes to your group size up until 2 weeks as long as you meet the provider minimum. You will also have up until this period to make additional accommodations for the event

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