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Virtual Calligraphy Workshop

CourseHorse Experiences

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Location Zoom Conference, Online Video
Price Starting at $365  (see price details)
Duration 2 hours
Group Size Up to 100 ppl
Note: Group size can be changed after booking if needed.


Modern calligraphy is a more free form style of writing that maintains the elegance of traditional calligraphy while allowing for more self-expression. 

In this Group Modern Calligraphy - Brush Lettering class your group will learn all the techniques you need to make the thick and thin lines that creates the beautiful letter forms of calligraphy with a brush pen or even a simple Crayola marker. 

No prior experience is required! The skills you’ll learn can be applied to cards, invitations, signs, or just to give your penmanship a little pizzazz. 

In this workshop your group will learn:

  • Lettering tools and how to use them
  • Basic strokes of modern brush lettering - Practicing the 8 basic strokes, which you will use to form letters of your own
  • How to compose both upper case and lower case letters
  • How to connect letters to form words and phrases
  • Tips and tricks for perfecting your lettering practice
  • Practice connecting letters and review tricky combinations
  • Introduction to bouncing and flourishes

Materials Needed to Fully Participate:

These materials are NOT included in the price of the workshop: 

  • Tombow Fudenosuke Pen OR Crayola Super Tips Marker 
  • Tracing Paper (Optional)
  • Workbook PDF supplied by instructor (to be printed by student)

Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancel your event for free if you provide at least a 2-week notice. 
  • Cancellations less than 2 weeks out will result in a fee of 50% of the minimum deposit amount. 

Additional Notes:

  • If you don't know your final headcount, place a hold on your date by booking the minimum group size (10 people). We'll collect the full payment after you finalize headcount.
  • We host events on Zoom and can accommodate other platforms. 
  • We do not permit or provide event recordings. Our events are best enjoyed as live interactions.
  • If you'd like to customize your event, additional fees may apply.  


    • $365 for up to 10 people (includes cost of host/instructor only)
    • $20 per person thereafter
    • For customization, there is a $150 charge & we'll connect you with an expert to cater to your groups needs.

    Pay the minimum ($365) as a deposit at checkout & we'll finalize your payment when you've finalized your head count!

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    What others have said about this event

    Holly U.
    Very informative, very well organized, instructor was wonderful and very engaging!!!
    Barbara B.
    No fault of the instructor,—because the 1st Saturday class was changed to Sunday, that stuck in my mind and I missed the 2nd class—thinking it would be Sunday as well. Although Jade made it clear it would be the following Saturday. But I was tuning in from out of town, so everything was a little thrown off for me. Anyway, I missed the second class. Will try to take the two part series again in the spring. All best, Barbara
    Amy T.
    Megan B.
    Paula S.
    Fantastic class! I wish it were for three or four days, not just two! You won’t regret taking this, Jade has a calming presence and is a fantastic instructor.
    Lorena V.
    Ellen W.
    Gianna P.
    Theresa S.
    Very nice & very knowledgeable.
    Courtney S.
    Miranda A.
    I’ve never done calligraphy, but have been interested in starting for a while now. My husband bought me this course as a Christmas present and it was amazing! Jade did a fantastic job.
    Sharon P.
    It was well paced and very informative and helpful. I really enjoyed the class and look forward to taking my calligraphy to the next step (after more practice, of course)
    Mia A.
    Amazing, thank you! The team had so many great things to say!!
    Cherryl C.
    Jade was fantastic!!!
    Really covered the basics, and there are many, so I feel I have a lot of knowledge going forward to practice, practice, practice.
    Sivona C.
    It was awesome! Jade was the best and we had a wonderful time! I plan to use you guys in the future for bonding opportunities for our team.
    Jennifer S.
    Stacey C.
    Heidi R.
    Great class! Perfect speed for beginners. Lots of fun. Thanks!
    Very enjoyable class. The teacher was very knowledgeable and made the class fun. She also provided us with additional material to continue our learning . Love Jade Scarlett!!!
    Jade was enthusiastic, energetic and very generous with her time and knowledge. It was a great class and she has inspired me to learn more!
    Mindy L.
    Instructor is friendly. I enjoyed the class a lot! Would love to take the intermediate class soon!
    Janice L.
    Jade is a great teacher and very personable! I learned a lot in 2 hours and have already been practicing my letters all day. She made the class fun and interesting and I’m looking forward to taking the Intermediate class soon! So happy I found this class!
    susan o.
    Would have been better to get the handouts ahead to review and formulate questions. As well as practice paper (to imitate instructor during class— I had to make an imperfect one on the spot). After registering, I received an email that you will send me an access code later. Never received that but accessed by signing in thru website.
    Barbara M.
    Jade was an excellent instructor. I am looking forward to taking the next level class in the near future. Thanks Jade!
    Sarah D.
    Jade is a such an encouraging teacher. She's very welcoming via Zoom, and is super thorough with her instruction. I appreciate too that she stayed a few minutes past our time to answer Qs we had. I also love that she emails us resources to practice even after class has ended/
    Lysa D.
    Great course. Jade is a wonderful teacher. She answers all you questions and sends plent of material to back up and support your work. My only suggestion is that she make this a multisession class. One session for strokes and lower case letters. One for uppercase letters, and one for connecting stokes and activities. I’d be willing to pay more and I am sure many others would be also.
    Peggy D.
    Very informative and the instructor (Jade) was knowledgeable and professional. Really enjoyed her class! Thanks
    Lorena L.
    Michaelene L.
    She was very thorough and went slowly through everything and answered all our questions.
    Breanne M.
    Excellent course! I couldn't think of how Jade could have made it any better. She was entertaining, had passion and enthusiasm, and was extremely talented. I already recommended the class to my mom and we plan on taking Jade's intermediate course together when we improve our skills.
    Sarah R.
    Great class jade was a great teacher. However I need a follow up or a how to improve my caligraphy!
    Rochelle S.
    Fiona B.
    Alice M.
    Jade Scarlett was great. She supplied a lot of work sheets for us to use while she was teaching us the basics of calligraphy. She clearly loves art and calligraphy, and her enthusiasm is infectious. It was a great class and I look forward to taking the next one in about a month. She also made herself available to us at any time should we have further questions. She was really great‼️
    Eleri D.
    Really good class. Teacher communicated well and was open to questions. I learned a lot and finished the class looking forward to continuing to pursue/practice my new skill.
    The instructor started at the most basic level and then added new levels. At the end of two hours, I was comfortable with the basic understanding of calligraphy. Jade was very personable and reassured us that it takes time to master these techniques. She encouraged questions and offered many suggestions on ways to personalize or draw with basic tools that we have on hand.
    Nancy K.
    Jade was extremely through and made it easy to follow her instructions. Great handouts! Am looking forward to taking more of her classes in the future.
    Super detailed and clear, lots of fun!
    Naomi M.
    Such a fun class! I appreciated the pace that Jade taught the course at and her enthusiasm for the art of calligraphy. I'm looking forward to improving my skills and taking her next course.
    Adriana R.
    Ashley L.
    Kelley R.
    We had a lot of fun. The instructor kept us going at a good clip but was open to questions and thoroughly engaging. I will recommend the class to others.
    Amanda D.
    I really enjoyed this class. It's a great foundation, and I'm curious to learn more.