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Virtual Lecture: History Happy Hour

Christine Axen

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Location Zoom Conference, Online Video
Price $10.00 per person 
Duration 10 hours
Group Size 5—100 ppl
Note: Group size can be changed after booking if needed.

History Happy Hour!  Raise your glass to the past, and come discover the odd and fascinating things people thought and did in the Middle Ages and beyond.  

A professor of history will offer a short presentation, and then open the floor to animated conversation!  No previous knowledge required. 

The group will have an option of what topic they would like to discuss. Possible topics include:

Medieval History:

  • The World of Cathedrals
  • The Medieval Banquet Table
  • The Many Mary Magdalenes
  • 1066 in the Bayeux Tapestry

Art History:

  • Virtual Art History: The French Renaissance
  • Jean-Michel Basquiat
  • Surrealism 
  • Georgia O'Keeffe
  • Pablo Picasso & Cubist Portraiture
    • Music Appreciation:

      • Classical Music
      • Jazz

      How to Book:

      Either use the "Contact the Organizer" Button or Select a date/time and "Request to Book". You can let us know what topic you'd be interested in learning about as a group.

      Materials Needed to Participate Fully:

      • None

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      Am I able to ask questions or interact with the class?

      Yes, you'll both be able to ask questions using the chat function in the video hosting software as well as at certain intervals during the class via voice/audio. If the class winds up being on the smaller side, more spontaneous interaction/questions will be encouraged.

      Do I have to show my video or speak during class?

      While we recommend you do show your video and speak when encouraged to by the instructor, video and audio participation are never mandatory. We find classes have more fun experiences when people are engaging with one another, but understand not everyone will want to do so and that's ok!

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      What others have said about this event

      Anne N.
      Christine's knowledge of the medieval world is mind boggling plus her down to earth teaching style & sense of humor enlivens the class. The only reason I didn't give her a 5 star rating is because she talks SO fast that sometimes, it's difficult to catch what she's saying, especially if she's using words or names from another language. I truly wish someone at CourseHorse could pass along my comment. Personally I'd be much happier & I can't believe that other people in my age group aren't feeling the same way.
      Alice H.
      History buffs, medieval dreamers, explorers— this is the course for you! You’ll always learn something new, actually lots of things. The instructor is so passionate about her field, she can pull in personal anecdotes (“when I was in Avignon archives”) and the latest scholarship to brighten the great arc of history. Each week is a different topic- always fun. Discover abbeys, walled cities and parchments rolled up for 800 years. Immerse yourself in another world, the roots of our own.
      Venkat K.
      Deanne R.
      Always fabulous and very interesting! Christine has an incredible depth of knowledge! Thank you!
      Jasmine k.
      Deanne R.
      Always an incredibly informative and fun!
      Erica L.
      Anne N.
      Christine was a fountain of knowledge & very enthusiastic about sharing it. It was my fault for not reading the name of the course carefully enough as I had no personal interest in it & expected it to be something else. But I will definitely sign up for a variety of Christine's Happy Hours in the coming weeks as I've become a Medieval fanatic. My one real negative: Christine, please slow down !! You talked so quickly that, although I practically had my head on the screen, I found your comments regretfully hard to follow.
      renee d.
      I am always entertained and informed. History isn’t always as we think or have been taught. This is a very interesting dive into what we think and what is real.
      Joanna P.
      Kathleen A.
      History Happy Hour is one of the highlights of my week! The presentations are always full of interesting tidbits plus a more global picture of the time and even of the way historians do their work. The presenter is truly up on her area, and she is funny and very encouraging of comments and questions. I recommend it –even if you never thought you’d want to know about the Middle Ages.
      Ed M.
      Joanna P.
      Susan S.
      Pamela D.
      Loved every class in this series so far! Entertaining and educational. My guilty pleasure in Fridays.
      Deanne R.
      Always very interesting and engaging! Love this end to my work week!
      Jennever P.
      Jack P.
      renee d.
      I am loving the history night. The instructor is an amazing story teller.
      Class is informative & interesting. However, Personal should be kept out of discussion, history needs to be told impartially & without biases.
      Pamela D.
      Joanna P.
      Rachel P.
      This is my second time participating in the History Happy Hour with Dr. Christine Axen and both have been stellar. Great topics, great presentations (she is very passionate about her work and it shows), and just great fun. I will look forward to attending more in the future!
      Joanna P.
      Leimomi K.
      Nina G.
      Sara G.
      Diane S.
      I loved it!
      Rita H.
      Professor Axen's explanations of medieval illuminations of animals was fascinating. Her commentary on the role of animals & animal imagery in Medieval culture & religion made her lecture even more interesting & relevant.
      renee d.
      Codex M.
      Lucy R.
      Deanne R.
      Always a fascinating and engaging hour! Love to end my work week with this session!
      Rosimer S.
      Sara G.
      Codex M.
      Bezaleel O.
      Phoebe B.
      Deanne R.
      Amazing breadth of knowledge and so fun and interesting-look forward to this every week!
      Sandra D.
      They did a great job, kept a clippy pace and brought history to life. We will do another one for sure.
      Heather G.
      Ann H.
      Poopak P.
      I left a review. It was great
      Deanne R.
      Poopak P.
      She is amazing. She knows her stuff and the course is interesting. I just don't like zoom but that not your problem. Definitely will do another class with her.