Benjamin B.
We had an absolute blast, thank you so much for hosting!!!
Andrew G.
We had a great time, thanks!
Melissa M.
We loved it! It was a huge success and are thinking of doing this once a quarter.
Arvida J.
The team had a great time, such a good time we stayed talking for another half hour. Will definitely reach out for future events. Thank you all!
Belinda S.
It was awesome and we all had so much fun! Alex was so good, so patient, so amazing! We will do this again and we will recommend Coursehorse to others! Thank you so very much for everything!
Marcie P.
It was great...Jason was a fantastic host.
Lieren L.
Trivia was great! We had a great time and Andrew was super fun. You guys always do a great job, and I am always recommending you to other co-workers!
Diana T.
Everything went well! Our host was hilarious. As sometimes these calls can be awkward, I believe he was pretty awesome with keeping the flow of the game going as well as making the experience enjoyable.
Stephanie J.
Our experience was great and our host was funny and fun! He did a great job!!
Deb J.
We really enjoyed the Trivia. Our group knows each other well and Stewart handled all the joking and gibes very well. We had a great time after 2 days of meetings and it was a really strong wrap-up for us. The questions were diverse enough to allow everyone to contribute to the teams.