Jackie A.
I, personally, LOVED the Trivia Night. I have only heard from a few others, but everything I’ve heard has been positive. I think there was a good mix of questions and some were VERY hard. This provided us with a good opportunity for our associates to mix with associates with whom they don’t normally get the chance. All in all, it was a lovely, easy experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to use CourseHorse again!
Tara T.
The Private Virtual Trivia event was incredible! Everyone who participated had a really wonderful time. James was very engaging, flexible, and fun! I particularly loved his jovial spirit and that he had background music playing on the Zoom while we waited for everyone to trickle in.
Ian P.
The event went great thanks so much...high-level everyone had a great time and actually, one team member called me today to ask about the name of the vendor as he wants to use for another event.
Thanks for the fantastic event yesterday, our host Ricky did a great job!
Meeting was excellent. It was my first participation in a virtual trivia like that and the host was very helpful/friendly and made it a great experience. Thumbs up!
Jenny M.
We had a great time. Zach was a great host!
Aria W.
Our attendees continue to enjoy the CourseHorse trivia events! We certainly plan on continuing with these types of virtual socials in the coming months.
Katy Y.
Our Trivia night was so much fun. Excellent feedback from everyone. We had a blast. And was exactly how I imagined it to be.
Kirsten M.
All was great! We had a really fun time and the questions were great. I think we all loved the music round.
Kirysa K.
Everyone had a good time – thank you. Our host was clear with instruction and entertaining. We all got a laugh at his “shock” when everyone’s scores were SO LOW for the music round!