This class was such a fun experience and even better than I expected! The drinks were easy to make and absolutely delicious. Our instructor provided many helpful tips and some interesting history behind the drinks.
Doug B.
Erin did an amazing job with her class. She was super knowledgable throughout the whole class which made it even more interesting. I highly recommend this to anyone and I have already told my friends and family about it.
Zachary P.
Leah B.
Erin was very knowledgeable and fun. The class wonderful and the drinks were delicious.
Premier O.
My girlfriend and I loved the class and the instructor (Erin). It introduced us to drinks we love but wouldn’t have tried on our own. We are excited to take more courses in the near future
Julie S.
Adrienne G.
The event went very well. We all enjoyed it very much and learned a lot. We will definitely use CourseHorse again. And, we had several guests from other chapters join us for the event, and I bet they will use CourseHorse for their events as well.
Trevor P.
Regine S.
The group enjoyed the class quite a bit and had lots of questions for Erin who is knowledgeable and a lot of fun as a presenter / host! It was very relaxed and we even got a bit of business mixed in!
Donte K.
Erin was knowledgeable and connected with the whole class. Awesome and I would recommend her and the class.