Betsy C.
We had a great time, please thank Stewart for us.
Lisa T.
Thank you so much. Everyone really enjoyed the scavenger hunt, even better than the escape room event we did earlier this year. Holly was wonderful as our facilitator – she was super engaging and cheerful – we all really needed her infectious spirit!
Nisha C.
It was a lot of fun -- special thanks to Jill for being a great host!
Jen F.
This is the BEST virtual event I have ever hosted! We had nearly 40 attendees from all over the world that were able to participate, all questions/challenges are for a global audience. The flexibility to change our event time and attendance was really appreciated. Best part is I have worked with my these people for years and we never got to know each other. Very quickly we got to know a lot about each other by the items they were sharing and working together to win. I actually got to play the game (and lose) it took no effort from me to set up or manage, I could relax and have fun with everyone! Our hosts were FANTASTIC they were so much fun, explained everything well and encouraged us along the way – any tech issues were resolved immediately! Best support, service and so much fun! Can’t wait to do it again, my team is already asking! THANKS! Please tell our hosts how much we adore then and what a wonderful job they did!!! Everything went so smoothly because of them! I hope they had some fun too its funny to see what everyone comes up with (we had a pink boom box! A cat put its face through bread!)
Amy S.
They were awesome every step of the way.
Sandy D.
Everyone had a great time! We’ll probably do something else with you in the future since some of our people will remain remote.
Shani O.
Everyone had a great time, thanks so much!
Jasmin H.
The team had a wonderful time, and James was an awesome host! He was personable and had us all laughing through the entirety
Nisha C.
Thank you for checking and on behalf of Nisha and everyone that joined would like to thank you for showing us a good time. It was a blast and will definitely reach out for our next morale event.
Angie L.
The event was fantastic and everyone had a lot of fun. Chris was awesome!