Marni Z.
Karmen J.
That was our 4th, and we had a really fun time! All of the scavenger hunts you have hosted for us have been great, and we had several of our attendees ask for your contact information to book a scavenger hunt for their own group.
Sophie F.
The event was great and very well run/managed. The team really enjoyed it and James, our host, did a really good job! I am based in Europe so had not heard of Coursehorse before. We were very happy with how it went and will likely book more in the future!
Christy S.
We did have a super fun event with our two hosts and many of our associates and their families! We've had great feedback, and I have already referred a few colleagues to CourseHorse.
Michaela D.
The team had a great experience and we look forward to collaborating again soon!
Beth L.
I had a blast! Emily (our host) was fantastic!
Angela R.
We had a great time at the virtual Scavenger hunt and our host Nick was very upbeat and funny! Thanks for hosting us and we will hire you again soon!
Erin L.
Everyone at our Happy Hour event had a great time with the Scavenger Hunt! Jamie was really enthusiastic and kept us all engaged. We liked the Scavenger Hunt because it was interactive and let us be creative, rather than just sitting in front of the screen the entire time!
Sue B.
I was really pleased with the Scavenger Hunt. It got everyone together with something to do. I got great feedback. I think its hard to do these group zoom calls, and the breakouts were a big help.
Colette A.
Our team had a great time with the Virtual Scavenger Hunt yesterday!