David J.
Patrick K.
Michael F.
Really fun and would highly recommend. The Zoom format was great for a group, especially if you're spread out and don't see each other often. Would even take it again. Would no doubt learn something new every time. Really like the informal way Christi handles the class, especially welcoming questions. One suggestion would be to include the recommended food pairings in the PowerPoint presentation for later reference. Otherwise, great job Christi!
Igor T.
A great 101 class! Learned a lot of tips and tricks that will be helpful to tasting and choosing wine going forward!
Host was amazing, she is both friendly and informative. Can't wait to learn more from Christi.
Skye A.
Kris G.
We had a great time and learned a lot! Only suggestion would be to keep track of time and space out the tastings so you have equal time to taste and discuss.
Cheryl B.
The class was truly great. Lots of great information and great tasting guidance. I highly recommend it