Anne-Marie B.
It was awesome! The chef was great and everyone seemed to have fun!
Kristi B.
The team THOROUGHLY enjoyed the experience and all agreed we would love to do this again in the future.
Chad G.
The pizza from scratch event went really well. The team really enjoyed it and I’ve been getting good feedback. We all enjoyed our pizza and some team members got their kids involved!
Joanne. W
It was great! Eve was fantastic and incredibly knowledgeable. I heard great feedback from the rest of my team as well
Ian B.
We had SO much and our host Carolyn was outstanding. She even gave us her cell phone number and e-mail address at the end of the event if we have any follow-up questions when we make pizza again :). I can't thank you guys enough for putting this together for us. My team really appreciated it and it was great to get to unwind together. The company did a great job of sending out all the ingredients in a super timely fashion and Carolyn was on time, patient and extremely engaging.
Tom N.
Liked the instructor. She answered all questions, checked on everyone’s progress, and offered tips when necessary (such as adding more flour when the dough was too sticky).
Nancy J.
Fast paced and very informative. Great instructor.
Julse S.
What a fun and rewarding experience! All from the comfort of my own home. Our teacher was through, patient and wildly generous with her culinary knowledge. Right down to teaching us us to correctly chop an onion! The pace was great, and there was plenty of time to ask questions. And, the completed meal was absolutely delicious!
This class was great the teacher showed us all the technique and explained in details background info for baking and ingredients.
Karen S.
It was such a pleasure meeting you and myself and the team wanted to extend a sincere Thank You for the pizza class yesterday. It was so fun and DELICIOUS!!!! It was exactly what I was looking for, as a fun event with my team.