Anne H.
We had about 20 to 30 people on the call. The feedback I got was that it was a lot of fun and got everyone in the spirit of the holidays. We had some really creative houses at the end of the call and it was a great bonding moment for all involved.
Sam H.
It was very engaging, festive and the materials worked out great!
Mary M.
Our employees had a great time!
Julie J.
You were easy to work with from start to finish. Nik was great.
Sampo J.
Thank you so much! It was a blast.
Amie G.
We had a lot of fun – too much sugar was consumed but everyone had fun. We had a number of participants who had never made a gingerbread house too so that was fun!
Ashlie D.
The event was great, Katherine was a lovely host!
Veronica G.
It went really well- I enjoyed it and the host was wonderful!!
Charlotte T.
Our event was great fun- our facilitators made everyone feel comfortable and ready to build sugar houses. The warm-up trivia was entertaining too—nice ice breaker!
Joy S.
We had a fabulous time and it really exceeded my expectations!! The moderator was excellent.