Deidre Richardson R.
Annually, our team gets together for an off-site all-associate meeting and we always start the meeting with an IceBreaker. This year we solicited help from Coursehorse and, while they had several activity options, we selected Virtual White Elephant Team Gift Experience. CourseHorse did all of the coordination. All I had to do was provided them with the investment amount for the gifts (there were several options). If you’re familiar with the White Elephant game, you know how much fun it is. Every member of our team got involved and we all laughed as the prizes were revealed and “stolen”. The best part was that there were real, tangible gifts and CourseHorse mailed the gifts to all of the team members the day after the game was completed. It was so nice because the fun continued even after the game was over. We had a great facilitator and he made sure everything moved along in a timely fashion. It was so awesome to be able to have them facilitate the session remotely. We were hesitant at first, but afterward, we all agreed that it was the best Icebreaker we’d ever experienced!
Kelly C.
The event was well organized and a lot of fun. In addition, it was basically hands off for me!
Gina L.
Our Virtual White Elephant party was lots of fun and a great break from our typical Virtual Happy Hours! The trivia questions were hard but got everyone's competitive juices flowing.
Jeremy C.
The moderator was very pleasant to work with. The gifts are fun.
Stephanie B.
It was super fun!
Vesna C.
It was our first experience and we had an awesome time!
Vanessa S.
I just loved our host and our activity. My entire team said it was the best virtual event they have ever done!
Garry S.
Megan B.
Super fun options fun hosts
Sara K.
Holly was an amazing host...very engaging and the event was was a hit with the team.