Patricia M.
Thanks Katherine (sp) was great and we totally enjoyed having her as the host, so much fun. Thanks again for an amazing event!
Kevin R.
I signed up for “Get to know your teammates” as a way to bring two companies together to celebrate and prepare for our transition from a “customer/vendor” relationship to a true partnership. With the travel limitations imposed on us by the pandemic, our goal was to find a fun way for both teams to build rapport and perhaps even friendships prior to kicking off our joint business venture in a virtual way. This IceBreaker game did exactly that! Not only did both teams have fun, but it gave us the opportunity to learn about each other at all levels (as in, mid-level ranks got to interact with VP-level and grow those bonds) and let our hair down a bit. CourseHorse brought professional, well-prepared moderators to lead the games and tee up the lively discussions and it was a breeze to set up and coordinate with them. I’d highly recommend to any business looking to build rapport with their internal and external teams!
Anthony H.
The Get to Know Your Teammates Icebreaker game was a blast for the entire team! The moderator was a lot of fun and made it easy and fun for the whole team. She and the CourseHorse team made it easy for me to get everything scheduled, work with our team to get it scheduled and set it up to where we would have the most fun possible. The way it was broken down not only made it fun but more importantly, made it where we truly got to know each other on a more personal level. I highly recommend the icebreaker and CourseHorse to anyone looking for a great way to spend time with your team, regardless of the event! You will be very grateful you went this route!
Mandi F.
Our team really enjoyed this game, everyone learned something new about their colleagues, and we definitely had a few laughs throughout the game.
Mark W.
I thought it was an organized but open way for the team to get to know each other. It wasn't awkward or forced people to participate.
Sophie F.
Every event we've had has been phenomenal. The events are fun, the facilitators are engaging, and I love how much of the work of planning fun bonding events is taken off my plate.
Lea N.
We had a great time finding out more about eachother and there were a lot of laughs. That actually went even better than I had expected. Thank you once again. Coursehorse has never let me down and will continue to book with this company! Nick did a great job leading us and being so patient with some of the team members who were having issues navigating while on Zoom. Thank you once again. I will continue to book with Coursehorse!
Vanissa T.
Christiana was awesome! Very engaging, and made the event for our team a lot of fun.
David S.
Easy to book and attend, lots of fun
Amy D.
Reasonable cost, great virtual options, fantastic host