Liv B.
A big thank you to Ashlynn and Christiana! They were fantastic hosts and our group really enjoyed the game!
Bonnie C.
Easy to implement, fun for all!
Brittany L.
It was a great activity and they did a great job facilitating and being flexible!
Kari R.
Great experience, team loved it, host was engaging
Mark W.
I thought it was an organized but open way for the team to get to know each other. It wasn't awkward or forced people to participate.
Edith J.
Easy to interact with new employees and a great host makes everything work so seamless
Gabriella D.
Our team really enjoyed the format of the games. We did 2 back to back events; our host was engaging and did a great job. I also appreciated that everyone was so flexible in using Google Meet which was a requirement for us b/c we work for Google. They did test runs and met with us beforehand to ensure everything went smoothly. Overall a great experience.
Janelle H.
Although a very simple game, Our facilitator Nicklaus was warm, welcoming and funny. He was the piece to the gathering that the group needed.
Kate L.
It was a lot of fun! Really nice way to get to know your team. If anything, would have liked more time. Really great exercise.
Jennifer A.
So much fun!