Katie R.
Our session was great! Jamie was a fantastic host, and the group had a ton of fun. Had a few folks reach out to me afterwards to say how much they enjoyed it.
Rosemarie D.
The team raved about the event. We had so much fun. It was interactive and inclusive. I feel like going into year 3 of zoom events we had already tried every kind of fun event but this one was memorable.
Janice L.
Jenny was a great host! We're a new team coming together so it was a great way to break the ice and laugh. So much fun!
Randi-Lynn S.
Great event, engaging host
Shannon U.
Host was amazing and game was so much fun.
Matt L.
It was just something refreshing and different.
Holly V.
Everyone had a great time. Price was reasonable, lots of fun.
Mallory T.
It was easy to organize, join, and was entertaining.
Josh G.
My team had a great time in the Game Show Bingo event.
Fransisca R.
We loved it and it was fun. Host was awesome.