Marlee Stevenson (Spotify USA I.
Everything went well! Thanks so much for helping us set this up. We all had a great time.
Zahra D.
It was great and Holly was fantastic!
Amanda R.
It went great thanks!! Everyone had a lot of fun and Holly was perfect.
Jonathan F.
Thanks, it was a lot of fun and engaging for everyone!
Victoria L.
It was great. In fact, I have another group who is looking to book the same activity.
Victoria L.
It was great - the host was very good and engaging. Looking forward to our next one on Wednesday...
Sandra B.
A big thank you to our hosts Emily and Jason. The team very much enjoyed the Lego team building event.
Abbey P.
We did have a good time. We are all veterans of the company, but a newer team working together so it was nice to have a day with some fun challenges that weren’t too serious. Thank you for the event, I will certainly reach out if we have another need for an event.