Alexander R.
The team really enjoyed it and ive had nothing but great feedback from them. I especially loved that they were all excited to receive Legos in the mail. Thanks for everything!
Thomas B.
We loved the event!
Angelina M.
Yes, everything was awesome! (lego pun intended). Emily’s great, loved the team-building aspect. Look forward to the next one!
Rob M.
Jamie did a great job, very engaging and everyone had a lot of fun.
Veronica D.
It was fun. It just felt a little short. It was over in one hour -- I thought it was supposed to last longer. I think more time is needed for some of these challenges. Other than that, it was a lot of fun and James, the host, was great.
Sophia E.
The event went great! Jamie was so nice and kept everyone talking and engaged, and everyone afterward said they had a really good time. Prior to the event, Mollie and Rona were especially helpful when I messed up the timing for the event and with helping me reschedule, so thank you so much to all of them!! Thanks for reaching out, and have a great rest of your week!
Nathalie Z. went AMAZING!! Yael is truly a gem! We appreciate your team being flexible with our customizations and last-minute event. We will definitely be using you in the future! THANK YOU!
Allison K.
It was a wonderfully fun event, thanks for the follow-up!
Michelle T.
Wanted to send a quick note to say Thank You! We had a wonderful time. Hope to do a future event with you all soon.
Heather B.
Thanks so much!! We had a blast!