Laura B.
Kiya was amazing and we had a great time! Appreciate you putting it all together!
Debra C.
I did not attend the event, but the feedback was all positive! Everybody loved this one!! I’m sure we will be using your services again; we are still fully remote and will likely stay that way for quite a while. Thank you so much
Kira F.
Jenny – we loved the workshop. We all learned so much about succulents. Thank you for hosting!
Julie P.
We had a wonderful time and plan to set up another event in the near future. All the best and I hope you have a very safe and happy 4th of July!
Donnell R.
The event was amazing and the team truly enjoyed themselves. It was so informative and our host was great. We definitely look forward to hosting more events with you in the future.
Dale B.
We really enjoyed both the terrarium and the watercolor workshops! We plan on doing another event for the team in a few months and will definitely be considering CourseHorse again. Thank you!