Zahra S.
I already recommended the event to my colleagues. It was fun and affordable, and didn't take up too much time. The entire team seemed to enjoy it and even asked if we can do this every week.
Rose R.
It was a great experience, the host was super excited and got our team engaged and described the details very well. Thank you!
Matt P.
It was well produced, easy to get into, and we had a lot of fun.
Whitney G.
We had fun, exceeded expectations
Sarah D.
Super easy, and great team experience
Christopher L.
The murder mystery event was fun, and the host was super friendly and helpful.
Bonnie C.
Everyone really enjoyed it and the hosts were fun. We could not have hosted it ourselves. The pricepoint seemed fair.
Jennel B.
It was a nice team building experience for our office. Some are still working from home while others are in the office building, and this gave us a chance to socialize while still maintaining COVID safety protocols.
Beverly P.
Team loved it
Nancy C.
The event was fun and affordable for our group. The Host was great!