Shaun G.
Our team had a wonderful time playing the Virtual Murder Mystery! I’m really glad that I booked this event. It was so much fun!
Nancy C.
We loved the event! It was a lot of fun and it kept everyone engaged talking about it for quite some time after. I’ve recommended it to a few colleagues that I think would really enjoy it.
Sergio I.
It was AMAZING! We had so much fun! We were sooo close to solving the murder!
Celine L.
The event went great and everyone really enjoyed it. I went ahead and did the survey for you. Thank you for helping with this event!
Camille P.
Overwhelmingly positive! The group had such a great time!
Maria C.
We had a great time! The puzzles were fun and interesting and it was nice to have a training round so we could get used to the format. Host did a good job. I also appreciate the service when I scheduled the event, the customer service rep was polite and helpful.
Daniele H.
I connected with my interns and they LOVED the session!! They had such a great time and thought it was challenging! They are hoping we’ll use Coursehorse again for another activity throughout the summer :)
Jacquelyn R.
It was amazing!!!! We will def be scheduling another one.
Thanks So much! The team had a lot of fun.
Bonnie C.
We loved the event and I hope we can utilize your platform more in the future.