Julia O.
Thank you so much! It was a great time!
Jennifer Y.
Fun event!
Aleksandra P.
The event was great thank you! Jamie was such a lovely host!
Ashley P.
it was easy, fun, and interactive
James O.
It was amazing, thank you so much! From our host to the content, the entire event was a ton of fun & easy to navigate.
Jessica S.
The team overall enjoyed themselves and the host was extremely nice. He made sure he checked in with the teams to make sure everything was running properly.
Kaycee V.
The game was fun, challenging, interactive and well done. The host was awesome! Good value for a large group.
Great event, fun and engaging host!
Jaime S.
The event was great and Ashlynn was informative and energetic - our whole team had a great time. Would love to see more collaboration with the rest of the group - maybe a quick 'check in' at the middle of 45 minutes? Otherwise, I think the team had a great time! No complaints and will definitely be looking at other CourseHourse events in the future!