Jana J.
I was tasked to find a food and/or beverage experience for my team that would fit within a budget of $100/person. 1. Most of the other events I looked at would advertise $90-$95/per person, but when I would go to book the event, addition fees would be added that would make the actual price closer to $120/person, and then additional fees were added for delivery. CourseHorse fees were all upfront so that the price per person that was listed was accurate and covered everything. 2. My team voted for wine or cheese tasting. This course allowed me to combine both preferences into one. In addition, I have one team member who does not drink alcohol. I was able to incorporate a sparkling wine option for her. This was the only virtual even that I found that would offer a non alcoholic option for a wine tasting, so it allowed me to be inclusive. The rep really worked with me to make sure that this was added in my package and adjusted the price accordingly. 3. I was able to get a rep on the phone and reach out to her several times as questions arose prior to scheduling the event. 4. Every time I needed additional information from an itemized receipt to tracking numbers, it was provided in a timely fashion. 5. My team enjoyed the experience and the facilitator. 6. There were other courses through CourseHorse that I would like a chance to come back and explore in the future. Based off of this experience, it makes me even more excited to partner with CourseHorse again.
Dale A.
The host was super friendly, engaging, and informative!
Ann L.
Everything was wonderful - thank you!!!!
Gabriella D.
Christina was awesome and knowledgeable. The session was informative, but also fun, we were able to have time to catch up as a team
Allean B.
I received rave reviews about the event. We definitely have a few more associates that will book virtual events with Coursehorse in the very near future.
Sandra K.
it was educational, fun and a great way to get together with colleagues virtually!
Jackie G.
It was great - Julia is awesome!
Sarah D.
The event was great! Everyone had a really good time, and Chelly and Peter did a great job of explaining things and keeping the group engaged. We’re looking forward to hopefully doing another event with Course Horse in the future.
Christina B.
Terrific event and the participants have been sending in some great comments. Julia was fantastic!
Sarah P.
Thank you, it went very well and everyone had fun and learned a lot from Andrew.