pam Z.
it was a great event
Tina S.
I love CourseHorse….We did two events that were a hit with our employees – it’s great when you can work with a company that makes you look good. I love to find fun, engaging, and fast-paced events for our employees to connect with one another and have fun at a reasonable cost – it is priceless.
Laura H.
Our Game Nigh Battle Royale, or we called it “Game Day Battle Royale” was a huge success! Ashlynn was a wonderful and entertaining host, she had our whole group laughing throughout the event. Feedback from our employees after the event was all positive. The group enjoyed breaking out into random teams and getting to spend time with co-workers that they don’t normally interact with on a regular basis. The consensus was, “when can we do this again?”. This is our third event with Coursehorse and they never disappoint. We will definitely be engaging their services again soon.
Kristen C.
The Halloween Trivia + Scavenger Challenge was a wonderful way for me to bring my hybrid team (remote and in-office workers) together. We were divided into two teams for friendly competition and we learned quickly it was good to have all ages play along. I had them all dress up for the event. As we approach Halloween the team is recalling all the fun and requesting that we do it again! Highly recommended!
Tom A.
The virtual scavenger hunt was a huge hit with our group! The host was a delight to interact with. It was a lot of fun to participate in the scavenger hunt, and it helped our team bond through laughter. The Virtual Scavenger Hunt comes highly recommended!
Megan H.
Thank you and our host Christiana for a fun/energetic event. Our team had a lot of fun and what a great way to start the weekend!
Janine G.
Fun event!
Attendees reported having a great time. Having someone facilitate made it far better than I could have done myself. One person that missed the event specifically emailed me to ask that I invite them next time because they thought it sounded fun too.
Amu C.
The team enjoyed the Scavenger hunt put together by your team. They had a lot of fun. Andrew did a great job
Nadia A.
Our host was very interactive and kept things lively