Lee D.
We had a great time! Christiana was a great host and I’ve received several comments from team members about how much fun everyone had.
Jordan B.
We had a blast and our host, Taylor, was great. Definitely interested in doing more events in the future.
It was a great event!
Tiffany M.
We had an enjoyable time together. Thank you very much!
Denise C.
We all had a great time! I received feedback from all teams that they would like to do this again in the future! We will definitely keep you in mind for next year! Thank you for hosting this really fun event!!!
Tanja Z.
The team had a great time and loved the challenge of solving all the clues. One of the teams managed to escape, so that reflects how the level of difficulty was there – we appreciate a challenge on our teams. Look forward to doing this again – hopefully in the upcoming year!
Denise C.
We received a lot of positive feedback. Everyone had fun!
Emily U.
AMAZING!!! Thank you for doing this
Jenny D.
Thank you! We had a really great time on Wednesday. Ladell was a wonderful host!
Ally G.
From what I have heard so far, everyone had a great time. Thanks.