Julia O.
We used CourseHorse for a fun, virtual event to ensure all of our team members could participate in a social. It was super fun and easy to follow! Our group had a great time connecting with each other. The staff was all super friendly and easy to work with. Highly recommend!
Brigitte O.
Our team had a blast working together through various fun puzzles and obstacles during our virtual Team Escape: The Arctic Circle! Our host was so much fun and helped to make everything very easy to understand and navigate in the process. We can’t wait for our next event with Coursehorse!
Kevin G.
The host was dynamic, fun, and engaging.
Tish C.
It was great from what I remember. The only snafu is that it took a bit to get started. That may have been because we had so many people and I don’t think the hosts were made aware that we were going to be splitting teams. Other than that, I think everyone really enjoyed it. And it was a fun and different way to get to know our teammates!
Denise C.
The Virtual Murder Mystery was a lot of fun! It was a great way to connect and bond with our entire remote team and we received a lot of positive feedback. We would definitely like to participate in the future!
Amy L.
It was quite awesome actually. It was a great experience for the team! The puzzles were quite hard, but we had lots of fun as a team getting through the challenges together!
Amanda T.
Fantastic team-building event! We had a great time and I was impressed with the puzzles. Great idea for geographically diverse teams – or would work to do in the office as well. Definitely recommend.
Alyssa B.
CourseHorse has many options to choose from when doing a team building/engagement exercise. Last year, my team did the Virtual Murder Mystery Team Escape. Not only was this a fun way to get away from work for a bit, but the hosts were extremely outgoing and the game was made up of different puzzles and brain teasers. This was a great way to work alongside coworkers, not in a work setting. I would definitely do this again, and what’s great is there are a variety of different options for the future.
Kimberly C.
The Hike2 team has employees and contractors throughout the country. The Coursehorse Winter Escape Virtual Event was the perfect way to bring everyone together in a fun environment. Everyone that participated in the event was engaged, had positive kudos, and cannot wait for the next event. Such a perfect team building and socializing for a hybrid company. The event host was great at explaining, assisting, and keeping us on track. Thank you Coursehorse!
Michelle L
I think the Murder Mystery was good for those competitive types that love this sort of thing. I do think the platform could be improved and one of the attendees commented that they wished we had a little time in the end to discuss the game and how folks discovered the answers. That comment was mainly to add a social element to the game.