Camille P.
Overwhelmingly positive! The group had such a great time!
Maria C.
We had a great time! The puzzles were fun and interesting and it was nice to have a training round so we could get used to the format. Host did a good job. I also appreciate the service when I scheduled the event, the customer service rep was polite and helpful.
Daniele H.
I connected with my interns and they LOVED the session!! They had such a great time and thought it was challenging! They are hoping we’ll use Coursehorse again for another activity throughout the summer :)
Jacquelyn R.
It was amazing!!!! We will def be scheduling another one.
Thanks So much! The team had a lot of fun.
Bonnie C.
We loved the event and I hope we can utilize your platform more in the future.
Kelly M.
We had a great time -- thanks so much!
Kristy M.
I cannot say enough good things about our event. It went so smoothly and the team was all enjoying themselves. The most common comment from them is that no one thought about work stuff once, which is a huge win! Our two hosts were amazing and brought a lot of energy. From start to finish, back end support to day of, it was a very easy process for me from a planning perspective. Thanks to everyone for making the event so successful!
Matt P.
Excellent! I want to do it with my friend group too.
Stephanie Z.
The event was great! Thank you!!