Anna T.
lots of fun, well run, easy to book
Teresa D.
Great host, fun, very helpful!!!
Bianca C.
Our team has enjoyed two trivia sessions hosted by CourseHorse. The trivia is fun and challenging and a great opportunity for staff to collaborate together and have some fun outside of work responsibilities.
Deanne M.
It was a really fun event that we all enjoyed. There were some people who are apparently not very tech-savvy and had a hard time following how to toggle between the game and the private rooms.
Lauren P.
Quick & easy to book - high quality content/experience.
Arvida J.
Great GameMaster - very interactive
Elizabeth L.
Easy to work with, accommodating to our changes, MC's were super fun and engaging.
Megan K.
Fun, interactive - great for the corporate world, allowed colleagues to come together and make decisions (fun ones!) outside of work
Renee Y.
It was quick and easy to arrange, the Coursehorse team was super responsive during the setup process and the feedback from our team on the experience was very positive.
Olivia R.
The trivia was fun, our hosts were engaging and we enjoyed the variety of the rounds. The technology went smoothly and the Coursehorse team was friendly, responsive, and helpful when I reached out and needed to reschedule the time of our event.