Michelle L
I think the Murder Mystery was good for those competitive types that love this sort of thing. I do think the platform could be improved and one of the attendees commented that they wished we had a little time in the end to discuss the game and how folks discovered the answers. That comment was mainly to add a social element to the game.
Theresa F.
Virtual 90's Team Escape was super enjoyable and nostalgic for many of us. The challenges weren't too difficult, and we all worked together to escape the room successfully! My favorites were The Lisa Frank and 90's movie puzzles. I only wish we could have started the game sooner so most of our teammates could stay and play through the event. Stressing punctuality to your team is key when joining virtual escape rooms!
Ian S.
A lot of content to choose from, easy to schedule, and our team had a great time. Great team building.
Mia L.
Event was fun, the facilitator was great, breakout rooms were great! It was nice to put together for the team without having a big lift on leadership to put together the event.
Jeff W.
My employees had a great time with the Virtual Murder Mystery. It was very easy to figure out and the new employees worked well with the older ones on solving the mystery. Would definitely do this again.
Will S.
Fun event that was well organized
Jackie L.
Super fun, great guidance from our leader
Amy L.
Christiana was awesome. The team had a great time collaborating and solving problems.
Anya K.
Our escape room was so awesome! We had a blast, and Ashlynn was great. Such a better option for team-building than most team-building activities I’ve done…
Kelcie M.
For a virtual escape room this was such a fun activity to have with our members.