Kristine S.
It was a lot of fun and the team had a great time overall!
Marissa R.
We had quite a few not show up last minute, but we had good time.
Jared T.
We had a blast! It was a lot of fun and really championed the concept of teamwork and good communication
Adelle L.
Challenging but not to the point where we couldn’t figure it out. Fun and able to do as a team.
Ryan M.
It was a lot of fun, wish it had lasted longer.
Lee H.
Wonderful, thank you! They had a great time.
Stephanie O.
The team had a great time, it was challenging and engaging. Good team-building exercise. And, I have already referred at least three companies to you guys.
Amy K.
Jill was awesome!!
Deena L.
It was organized, the hosts were friendly and personable, and our team had a great time!
Courtney A.
the price was extremely reasonable for the activity and level of service. Our host was awesome - very energetic. It was very little planning on my end for a really fun event. Great for team building!!