Mollie S.
Everyone had a great time! Our host, Holly, was fun and energetic - she answered all our questions and kept everyone engaged. The event we chose helped to promote team work and allowed us to work with people that we don't normally work with everyday.
Kristine S.
It was a lot of fun and the team had a great time overall!
Stephanie O.
The team had a great time, it was challenging and engaging. Good team-building exercise. And, I have already referred at least three companies to you guys.
Amy K.
Jill was awesome!!
Deena L.
It was organized, the hosts were friendly and personable, and our team had a great time!
Courtney A.
the price was extremely reasonable for the activity and level of service. Our host was awesome - very energetic. It was very little planning on my end for a really fun event. Great for team building!!
Katie P.
great time!
Jennifer G.
I was looking for a team-building activity that could be done virtually. I love the course horse is accommodating to any group size. We had a lot of fun and could see us using course horse in the future.
Lisa B.
Hosts were friendly and interactive
Tina D.
we've never done anything quite like this before, it was a great find...I think people enjoyed it (we will survey participants); and it took the pressure off of me to facilitate something :-)