Benjamin C.
Our group had a wonderful time. Erin was an incredible mixologist and very engaging. Everyone asked about how I found you and I passed along the pictures Erin provided as well as your information. No plans upcoming but if there are I'll be sure to reach back out.
Sebastian d.
We had a great time last night. Very fun and informative. Will definitely recommend to my colleagues!
Gail M.
Everyone loved the Virtual Mixology course! Erin was a great hostess and everyone learned a little something about the cocktails that we made. Thanks again for putting together such a fabulous event. I highly recommend your company and will definitely be in touch in the next few months.
Scott Y.
Our team certainly had a wonderful time at our mixology event. A great mix of drink making tips, history, jokes, and of course cocktails. Our cocktail coach was wonderful and made us all feel happy and involved... plus gave the team enough time to joke around with each other as well. Really happy with the overall process and ease to make this happen. I will for sure recommend this to others.
karen s.
It was great!- Thank you!
Kristen F.
The event was great. The host was amazing and everyone had a great time. Thank you!
Natalie R.
Thanks so much, it was a great class and Erin was fantastic! I got so many messages about how great her energy was.
Mackenzie T.
It was great! Erin was fabulous and answered all of our (sometimes very 101 questions). We loved the history she gave and she did a really good job handling us all being in one room, even when it was hard to hear at times. The drinks were amazing and people who don't normally drink cocktails were really surprised how much they liked them.
Amy M.
Erin was fantastic! We really enjoyed our class. She was knowledgeable, funny and kind.