Shanna N.
My team had a great time! Chris was very energetic and a pleasure to work with as our host. I will keep CourseHorse in mind when we are ready to have another virtual fun evening!
Melissa E.
It was very fun and Andrew was great
Faye I.
It was fun! Ashlynn was great. Thanks so much.
Maite D.
We are very satisfied with the event, we want to repeat it in a couple of months.
Emily H.
Yes, it was wonderful and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Looking forward to Tuesday.
Amanda R.
This was our second time having Ricky and the energy made our first virtual trivia a great experience.
Julia N.
It was great and I was really happy that it want so smoothly even without me having to follow up with the presenter prior to the event. We were able to all just jump on and have the event. I am so busy and was really thankful it was so smoothly run. Thanks!!
Amanda S.
Our group enjoyed the session and our host kept the energy up and the activity moving forward. The host was also quick on his feet when we had a healthy debate on trivia answers or some of the more competitive folks wanted partial credit. It was the experience we were expecting. Thank you
Leigh M.
Thanks for the event today, the team loved it!
Jensen C.
It was fantastic! I was planning on sending you an email today with an update but you beat me to it. My team loved it. Our host was amazing. Kudos to her.