Tyler A.
Members of the team who were dreading our "team building" event had an absolute blast. Surprised and delighted all around.
Renee P.
We had this event with our clients and now they want to set up these events for their clients. Everyone had a great time and it was no-fuss.
Thomas K.
The host was fantastic and the games/scavenger hunt were a lot of fun.
Grace K.
Our team enjoyed the entire experience and the host was awesome!
Karen L.
The experience was fun and engaging. It is a great way to engage a disparate team of people together. The initial engagement process with Course Horse was also very easy!
Cynthia G.
We booked this event as a way to wrap our company's day-long conference. It was such a great way for people to interact, and it encouraged friendly competition amongst different groups. Our hosts, Chris and Nik, were extremely enthusiastic, and they organized the event in a way that allowed everyone to get involved. In addition, Chris met with our team prior to the event, and he took every one of our suggestions into account. Great hosts and great event, overall! Every one of our employees had a blast!
Sharda R.
We had a great time and the team was engaged and very much entertained throughout the event.
Carol S.
The event was very well organized and executed! Our group had a great time!
Alie T.
Lots of fun!
Cherie J.
The event was organized well, our host was fantastic and we had a great Team Event!